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Healing Adventures on the Big Island of Hawai'i and Holistic Living Research.

Looking back to my nomadic ancestors, it is clear that the different seasons and life cycles dictated what we called home. Our ancestors would look to our sacred mountains to make decisions that effected daily life and whole families - K’é - Community and larger ecosystems that we are apart of.

Most Indigenous cultures acknowledge the Mana~ powerful eternal spirit that exists within all life including hair and I too am embracing the spiritual essence we carry through the DNA stories of our locks and the minds they protect.

After 13 years of hairstyling and acknowledging the completion of a four year entrepreneurial cycle I too needed to consult with the wisdom of the Mauna ~”Sacred mountains” and Pele’s volcano to ask for continued guidance and vision to live closer to the lands and waters of the Aloha ʻĀINA~ “love of the land.” I’m honing my sights clearer on integrating my passions of Indigenous healing arts, organic hair + beauty and natural life design.

Going deeper into my journey of walking the corn pollen path of “Hózhó Nahasdlii”, I want to apply holistic styling merged with natural lifestyle practices encompassing healthy connection and cooking from the garden as well as making sacred hair offerings to the compost to nurture the soil. Deciding I needed to do more research on refining my path of business practices to an even more sustainable and simplifyed pace and congruence of living in harmony with Nahasdzáán Shima’ – “Mother Earth”. The Big Island of Hawai’i was the perfect place to explore how I can delve more deeply into the healing of the land and the connection we all carry as well as continuing to heal my own self throughout this journey.

Acknowledging K’é, my relations on my husband’s side have deep roots working with the land for now over three generations. We’ve traveled back and forth over the years to visit my mother and grandmother in-law. They live in the Puna district that has some of the largest rainfall in the US and a vibrant thriving agricultural land mixed with residential lots. On our families three-acre land there is a variety of fruit trees such as soursop, noni, breadfruit, avocados, oranges, Tahitian limes, liliko and so much more! In the nearby area there is also a few access points to volcanic warm tide pools that provides the perfect floating and re-birthing space for mindful meditation and healing water experiences. What I love most is all the farmers markets like the Maku’u market and Uncle Roberts Sovereign Market on Wednesday nights. I enjoy meeting all the market vendors that are using what they grow and know to help heal people through food, bodywork and plant based body care products. This community’s economy is base on the idea that they are adding nutrients by organic farming to build soils that produce nutritious fruits and vegetables that ultimately grow healthier people that have some of the highest life spans in the world. This district is a Blue Zone one of six in the world that designates communities that recognize the integral relationship between plant-based diet and connection to your surroundings through community connection. These experiences have re-invigorated my commitment to sacred styling and continuing my quest to live more harmoniously within myself and around our global communities. I will take back the knowledge and wisdom I have gained and apply it through my work and in ceremony for 2018 and years to come.


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